Gravity Lab Pulley Guide

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The Lowdown

The Pulley Guide from Gravity Lab is a great progression from a ring and ring cambium saver, to climbing with a pulley instead. 

It is easily installed by

  1. Passing the sprung soft eye around the stem you want to anchor to
  2. Passing the pulley through the soft eye
  3. Running your climbing line through the pulley
  4. Clipping the retrieval shackle to the non spliced side of your climbing line

The sprung soft eye is designed to aid retrieval by springing open letting the pulley pass back through easily and fold down to pass through unions without getting caught like a ring would. 

Tech Specs

Length: 1.25m

MBS: 22kN

Diameter: 11mm - 13mm

Featuring; Machine Stitch Stopper, Machine Lock Stitch

Treegears Take

This is a great little friction saver. With less aluminium components than others there is greater peace of mind, but still offering the functionality of the more expensive versions. 

Easy to install and easy to retrieve.