FTC Micro Cylinder 2.0 Lowering Bollard

The MICRO-CYLINDRE 2.0 is the latest friction device from FTC. It’s a friction device used in tree care to hold and lower loads during felling and branch or log removal. But it’s lighter and more compact.

Made entirely of aluminium, it won’t heat up and won’t burn your ropes. It’s a clever addition to the friction devices already found in the FTC range. The upper ring enables reeving.

Two fairleads at the end of the cylinder prevent losing wraps and overlapping of the rope. A third fairlead under the cylinder enable a finer, more precise rigging. The symmetry of the device allows left or right location of the ground crew.

Delivered with its own hard case for easy transport and storage.

Tech Specs

Standard: 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive

Plate: 224 mm high, 163 mm wide
Cylinder Ø: 75 mm

Strap: 9 m (for trees up to 2 m in diameter), MBS 7,500 daN
Ratchet tensioner: MBS 6,000 daN

Box: 30 cm x 40 cm - 19.5 cm high

Maximum Ø of rope allowed: 14 mm

MBS: 4,000 daN - WLL: 800 daN

Weight: 3.8 kg without the box (5.1 kg with box)