Edelrid Fraggle 2 Kids Climbing Harness

Get your kids safely up in the trees with you!  Explore the canopy together for an adventure they'll remember.

The Edelrid Fraggle 2 Kids Harness is a padded full body harness for children up to 40 kg.

Being full body with a higher than typical lower-chest attachment point makes it great for younger ones aged approx 2-5 years old.  At the earlier ages they don't have the core strength to hold themselves up, or the hips to hold them in should they invert as is possible in a lower-body only harness.

If they are a bit older it's worth a look at the Edelrid Finn 2 here

Size - xs

Torso - 50cm-65cm

Legs - max 48cm

  • 3D mesh padding for optimum support and comfort
  • The textile joint elements ensure optimum fit to the shape of the body
  • 2 Slide Block buckles for comfortable and secure harness adjustment
  • The harnesses padding provides shape and form making for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Attachment point on the back can be used as a back-up attachment point.