Edelrid Direction UP 13mm Climbing Line 50m

Edelrid Direction UP is a voluminous, easy to grip tree climbing rope with a particularly high proportion of sheath at 61%. The perfect balance of a wear resistant 24st Polyester sheath and a 16st Polyamide braided core makes this rope excellent for splicing and despite its diameter it is a light weight rope for harsh everyday use.

A successfully designed rope for the arborist who wants to have more to hold on to and still remain light in the trees. The base colour provides good visibility in use and the "Direction" arrows give an indication of orientation.

Diameter: 13mm
Weight: 114gm per m
Sheath Proportion: 60%
Static Elongation: 2.8%
Sheath Slippage: 0mm
Max. Breaking Strength: 34kN

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