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DMM Hitch Climber RAPIDE Pulley

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DMM Hitch Climber RAPIDE Pulley
The new DMM Hitch Climber RAPIDE Pulley has all the same features as the original but features a roller bearing sheave in place of the bushing for greater efficiency.  It is a compact rigging plate combined with a high-efficiency, friction hitch tending pulley. Organize carabiners, ascend, descend, or rig it for hauling (or rescue). This pulley has three separate attachment points and can accommodate up to 14mm ropes.

The purpose designed fairleads have smooth, rounded surfaces for the efficient tending of friction hitches without undue wear on cordage. Swinging side plates ensure easy mid-line attachment. The DMM Hitch Climber Pulley is the most popular hitch tending system available and is considered an indispensable pulley for tree climbing arborists.

DMM designed the Ultra-O Carabiner to suit the hitchclimber, other carabiners can be used, add 2 of these for a sweet combo.
Colours vary.