ART LightAnchor


  • Combined with grooved rings (about 50 percent less weight) the tensile strength of an 8 mm polyamide rope suffices. LIGHTANCHOR breaking load is way more than 25 kN inspite of its low weight.
  • Eye splices are permanently protected by their snug position and large deflection radius.
  • Safety based on the combination of the rope-grooved ring with rope is on top level.
  • The climbing rope runs through ring and eye splice at the same time: safety factor doubled!
  • Damaged or worn out friction saver rope or rings can be easily replaced.
  • Lightanchor is the only cambium saver with rings that can be installed in choking mode.
  • Parallel stitching of three 8 mm polyamide rope webs makes for a 24 mm wide highly abrasion resistant friction saver.
All these new advances become possible because of the 8 mm polyamide rope stitched together in three webs. Each end is clasped by an eye enclosing a specially manufactured grooved ring, The load is evenly distributed onto the ring and the rope is protected by the groove (no chafing at bark). This way not only weight is reduced but also tensile strength heightened (>25 kN). Resulting in doubled safety because the climbing rope not only runs through the ring but also indirectly through the spliced eye.