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ArbPro Rigging Bollard

The Lowdown

The ArbPro Rigging Bollard is a trunk mounted friction device for tree rigging/lowering operations. It has a large Alloy Bollard for improved heat dissipation compared to steel. There is two mounting options. "Soft Mounting" using rubber pads, when the tree is being preserved or "Hard Mounting" by removing the rubber pads and cutting a notch into the tree to be removed. There is an eye on top for easy set up positioning by rope, while mounting to trunk or to set a mechanical advantage system on for pre-tensioning loads.

Tech Specs
  • Weight : 10kg
  • 150mm diameter bollard
  • 1200kg WLL Soft Mounted (with rubber feet, eg. pruning)
  • 1500kg WLL Hard Mounted (without rubber feet, eg. removals)
  • Conforms to CE standards 2006/42/CE
Treegear Takeaway

The Arbpro Rigging Bollard is a great step up from the port a wrap.  The direct mount to the tree takes out the slop you typically get using slings and the large diameter bollards gives a larger bend radius on your ropes.  A great option short of stepping up to a full winching bollard.  *Note: Ratchet Straps not included.  It is the users responsibility to select straps with an appropriately matched WLL to the device that also suits their own needs.