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ArbPro Compact Rigging Block

  • This new offering to the rigging world from ArbPro is set to go down a storm!

    With a massive 80kN MBS but in a small hand held size, this block is amazing. You won't need to pull up a bigger block until the BIG timber.

    There is no need any more for your small rigging pulley on a carabiner and on a sling.  This block attaches directly to the sling so no carabiner to cross-load.

    The face plate uses push button opening for easy installation and removal of your rigging line.
    This will suit all your "light" rigging needs and will be awesome as a load spreading redirect for your bigger removals too.

    • Rope Diameter <15mm
    • MBS 80kN
    • WLL 16kN
    • Weight 800g
    • Aluminium pulleys and flanges and steel axles
    • Self-lubricating bushings.
    • The closure mechanism avoids accidental opening during use.
  • We can clearly see the advantages of the Arbpro Compact Rigging Block. Not just because it is compact and light weight but for the added safety of having a direct soft attachment and correct bend radius for your rigging lines. 

    These will work brilliantly with a loopie sling, a whoopie sling or a single eye sling.  We know you'll find them a great addition to your rigging kit.

    Note: This item is not available for shipping to US customers... sorry!