ArbPro Clip N Step Up Boots

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  • These boots are a game-changer!  Never before has a boot been integrated into an SRT system! For those who want a lightweight, performance climbing boot and a sleek, minimal and efficient SRT system - this is it.

    The innovative Clip’n step up™ by ArbPro integrates a built-in SRT attachment point into the upper.  The crossed slings in the front part of the boots form an eye that allows a direct connection of a carabiner. This removes the often clumsy process of placing your foot in the eye of the sling connected to your hand ascender for SRT ascents.

    Slim shape and lacing right down to the narrow tip like a rock climbing shoe to allow a perfect fit and give optimal "feel" in extreme technical climbing.

    • Asymmetric rubber profile: higher in the internal part of the boot to give maximum grip for footlock, and lower on the outside in order to increase breathability.
    • Lycra elastic gaiters. They form a barrier that helps reducing the amount of dirt & sawdust inside your boots, improving comfort and hygiene for your feet
    • All new Vibram® IBEX sole with MEGAGRIP blend. This revolutionary blend offers excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces while maintaining a high level of durability. It offers an incomparable combination of grip and durability which helps define VIBRAM® Megagrip as the ideal high performance rubber compound for extremely demanding activities. 
    • The semi-rigid mid sole offers good combination between support and flexibility.
    • 100% Made in Italy!
  • SRT is now a mainstream technique and this boot streamlines both installing and removing your ascent system - and minimizes the size of what you then have to stow on your harness throughout the climb. IMPORTANT WARNING! This is NOT Personal Protective Equipment, it has no toe-cap or cut protection and in no circumstances can it be used for life support! They are designed for "High-Performance" competition/recreational climbing use. If you choose to use them for every-day work, you must realise you have no safety features and will likely see higher wear than Chainsaw Boots or typical Safety Work Boots.

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