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Ocean Polyester DMM Ring Tail Prusik

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The Ring Tail features one 26mm DMM machined aluminum ring spliced onto 1.25m of 8mm Ocean Polyester. 

The Ring Tail Spar Descent system is a retrievable climbing device originally conceived by Odis Sisk for working a spar.

The Ring Tail is incorporated into a standard dynamic system. When utilized it creates a choking static system on a spar.

The Ring Tail Instructions: 

Step 1: Remove the carabiner from the lead eye splice

Step 2: Place eye splice through the ring of The Ring Tail, allowing the RT to sit on top of the friction Hitch.

Step 3: The eye splice is placed around the stem. (now similar to a dynamic system) Keeping in mind that the RT works best if loading against the ring

Step 4: Tie a Blake’s Hitch below the eye on the climbing line, tied toward the stem. This would leave a small portion of climbing line with eye splice past the RT. This has now created a choking single line system

Step 5:  Place Carabiner back into eye of climbing line (this is used as stopper and for retrieval)

Step 6:  Place fall of line into the carabiner. A Gri-Gri or friction hitch can be used. If using a friction hitch remember to load test

Step 7:  Descend and re- secure with lanyard

Step 8:  Loosen standing parts of line by pulling a small amount of slack into system

Step 9:  Pull both portions of line that enter carabiner in the Eye splice (this allows the system to slide down the spar)

Step 10:  Take fall out of carabiner. Re- tighten RT around spar.