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X-Rigging Rings

  • X Rigging Rings are a new take on an age old challenge...what to use as a tree-top rigging point?  When spliced on to a sling, the X Rigging Ring keeps it real simple.  You can do away with pulleys, shackles & expensive blocks.  The rings are milled from aluminium, hard-coat anodized and polished resulting in a durable low-friction surface.  Check out the video below to get an idea of what you can do with them!
  • Size

    Inner Hole Diameter for Rigging Rope Groove for Sling Outer Diameter
    Small 14mm 10mm 35mm
    Medium 20mm 14mm 50mm
    Large 28mm 20mm 70mm
    Xtra Large 38mm 28mm 100mm
  • Ideal for making an adjustable retrievable big ring/small ring friction saver for rigging. Rigging redirects are another great option.