Sterling BARC Base Anchor Rigging Chain

The BARC was designed with full-strength individual loops, which provides an adjustable rigging chain that’s strong at any length. For use as a basal anchor, canopy anchor or for knotless rigging, the BARC has an MBS of 6,182 lb (2,804kg), while each individual loop has a strength rating of over 11,000 lb (4,989kg) and is available in 5' and 8.5' lengths. Works well with a Port-a-Wrap or other friction-brake lowering devices.

Available Lengths: 152cm (5') or 262cm (8.5’)

MBS Rating, End-to-End (lb) MBS Rating, Basket


MBS Rating, Individual Loops (lb) MBS Rating, Girth/Choke (lb)
11,240 6,182