3M Peltor X Series Bluetooth Communication Accessory

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Make the smart choice and protect your hearing without sacrificing communication on the job site. With the 3M PELTOR Wireless Communication Accessory, you can keep working — and communicating — in loud settings.

Featuring a noise-cancelling microphone, it instantly turns 3M PELTOR X Series Earmuffs into a hands-free wireless communications device for use in noisy environments.

Simply replace 1 ear cushion with this integrated bluetooth ear cushion and you're good to go!

*Note: this is just the bluetooth cushion, not a set of complete set of earmuffs.

*Note: Communication is via your phone over bluetooth. They do not pair directly to other units or multiple bluetooth devices. They function like an apple airpod, but the speaker and microphone is integrated into an earmuff.

That’s hearing protection and communication without compromise — that’s how X Series WS-CUSH works smarter.
• Bluetooth® wireless technology
• Noise-cancelling microphone
• Assembles in seconds
• 8 hours talk/streaming time
• Resistant to harsh environmental elements (IP54)
• One-button operation
Make and receive important calls without removing your hearing protection or leaving the noisy job site. Communicate with other crew members at the push of a button. With the 3M PELTOR Wireless Communication Accessory, you’re always connected, so you can get updates, schedule meetings, track deliveries and more. Application in industries such as:
• Arboriculture
• Construction
• Forestry

3M PELTOR Wireless Communication Accessory
Talk/streaming time: Approx. 8 hours
Standby time: Approx. 250 hours
Charge time: Approx. 3 hours
Operating temperature range: -20°C to 55°C
Storage temperature range: -20°C to 35°C
Weight of the accessory: 55g

3M Bluetooth Performance

The radio equipment type Radiobroadcast receiver complies with the requirements of the relevant ACMA Standards made under the Radiocommunications Act
1992 and the Telecommunications Act 1997. These Standards are referenced in notices made under section 182 of the Radiocommunications Act and 407 of the
Telecommunications Act. A copy of the declaration of conformity and additional information required in the directives can also be obtained by contacting 3M in the
country of purchase. The product has been tested by an accredited laboratory in
accordance with the requirements in AS/NZS 1270 and has met the specifications of hearing protectors Class 5. When selected, used and maintained as specified in AS/NZS 1269, this hearing protector may be used in noise up to 110 dB(A)
assuming an 85 dB(A) criterion. A lower criterion may require a higher protector class.