FTC Agiope Blue 11.7mm x 50m Climbing Line with Spliced Eye

FTC Argiope is a climbing line with the unique ability to pass the spliced eye through devices like the Zigzag and Spiderjack. Avoiding having to feed 50m of rope through from the tail.

The blue argiope is a special climbing rope of Ø 11.7 mm diameter type with a high percentage of sheath to core making it very light weight.

Its originality lies in the design of the sheath where quality braiding eliminates milking, and the color mixing is very bright for high visibility in the tree.

It is flexible yet does not crush in mechanical prusiks like the ZigZag or Spiderjack. It remains well round, which makes it perfect for this use. In addition, the splice easily passes into these systems. No need to pass the unspliced ​​side and feed the whole rope!

Currently sold in 50m lengths with a spliced eye included.

Plus, a free rope bag is also included making it great value.

Tech Specs

Standard: CE EN 1891 Type A

Diameter: 11.7 mm - 16 strand
69% polyester (sheath) / 31% polyamide (core)
Color: Moire blue and white

Sheath Slip: 0%, (no milking effect)
Elongation: 2.5%
Weight: 95 g / m

Breakage: 3,000 daN