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Kiwi Klimbers Spikescender 2

The Spikescender 2 is the latest foot ascender that mounts directly to your existing Gecko or Kiwi Klimbers spurs.  

The big change is it now feature a locking button for the cam, giving you the choice to run it locked or not.  Note: The colours vary!  

It beats trying to run a pantin or similar foot ascender under your spurs.  It can be used to give a helping hand (or should I say foot!) in both DdRT, but really comes into it's own for SRT use.  

And if you've ever spiked your rope (it's ok, everyone does) you'll appreciate that even just using it to help keep the tail of your rope out of harms way could be worth it!

Designed by NZ climber Dale Thomas, it has been fine tuned to have a very lightly sprung cam that tends very freely up the rope.  This helps prevent rope "pooling" above the ascender - one of the causes of the frustrating kick out you might experience with some foot ascenders. 

  • Milled from Aircraft Grade Aluminium
  • Titanium Cam
  • Suits 11.0 - 12.7mm ropes
  • Fits Distel Gecko spurs - Carbon or Alloy
  • Right foot or Left foot.
  • Optional Spacer with or without eyelet for Haas attachment

With more and more climbers finding SRT to be their technique of choice for not just ascent but work positioning this is a great add-on.  Our tip would be to add the optional Spacer to your other spur to balance out the gaff positioning for an equal stance.