ThrowPod Review

March 14, 2014

Installation of a line being the first and foremost priority of a climbers day, can at times be a tricky task and one which can be time consuming, not to mention... Read more


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ART SnakeTail Introduction
The long-awaited Snaketail is finally here.  Joe Harris talks you through some of the multitude of uses this tool opens up. To view this product: ART SnakeTail   Watch Now →

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Soil Secrets Seminar - Tree Life Underground
From Geology and Microbiology to Crumbling Buildings and Drain Technology The VTIO are delving into what goes on below the surface.  26 May 2014  With the following presenters: Dr Andy Hirons, Brendan Dover, Mat Daniel, Walter Jehne and David Lawrence.  Opening address by: Dr Greg Moore  Other presenters to be confirmed  Being held... Learn More →

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